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who we are and what we do

DCS Sacramento Solar

We are a professional solar installation company in Sacramento dedicated to providing quality service to every homeowner who wants to cut their electricity bills, save money, and help the environment by making their home self-sufficient. In addition, our company is here to educate you, guide you and break everything down for you so could come up with the best possible decision.

  • professionalism
  • dedication
  • transparency
  • quality & efficiency

We are guided by these values and principles in providing you the services you need. Certainly, our team of experts, with dedication and transparency, will assist you toward a self-sufficient home. We care and we count you as partners to a greener future.


To provide a significant contribution to the renewable energy industry and to the City of Sacramento. We envision helping more people realize their energy goals and help the environment while being happy with the service we offered. 


To provide services with dedication, professionalism, honesty, and lean towards quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, provide value to every customer's investment by making sure that they get more than what they paid for.


To consistently improve our services to help homeowners cut their electricity bills, generate renewable energy, and improve quality of life. Furthermore, provide service effectively and efficiently tailored to every customer's specific preferences.

Why Choose Us

Highest Quality Standard

We make sure that you will feel our expertise through our service with the professionals and experts on our team. Ultimately, we only want the best for you from planning to post-installation.

Years of Experience

We know what works best for every situation with the years of experience that we have. Moreover, we know how to go around any hurdles that we may encounter along the way.

Flexible to your needs

We know that every customer has different preferences, needs, budget, and energy goals. That being said, we have a wide array of plans and set-ups for you to choose from. Rest assured that we are willing to bend forward to meet your needs.

Lean towards customer satisfaction

It's all about service and about leaving a mark on every customer being served. More importantly, our company will be for nothing if it's not for customer satisfaction.

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What People Say

Why Choose DCS Sacramento Solar?

  • Meeting the highest quality standard
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Flexible to every customer's specific needs
  • Lean towards customer satisfaction

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