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Residential Solar in Sacramento

Is Residential Solar a Good Investment?

Residential solar has a lot of advantages that we, DCS Solar Sacramento, would love to teach you about. Firstly, it will make you reduce your electricity bills and protect you from the annual rise of electricity rate. Secondly, residential solar is a great investment rather than a single purchase or expense. In 7 or 8 years time, you would have paid your residential solar set-up with your electricity savings. In addition, it will yield an ROI of about 20%. Moreover, you can get 30% of your system's total cost as tax credit. In other words, the bigger your system, the lesser tax you will pay at the end of the year. In conclusion, residential solar installation is very beneficial for you and the environment in the long run.

We configure a complete residential solar system that's designed to fit your requirements, consumption patterns, and site characteristics. As a result, you will maximize your savings and system's efficiency. Solar energy has never been this valuable in Sacramento. Therefore, if you want to benefit from renewable and clean energy, the perfect time to start planning would be now. So, go solar now and become energy self-sufficient by protecting yourself from the ever-increasing cost of bills.

How Residential Solar Photovoltaic System Works

This is a residential solar electric system that can directly convert sunlight into electricity with the use of solar cells. Similarly, solar cells from your rooftop solar convert the sunlight into DC electricity. Afterwards, the inverter converts the "DC" into "AC" power which powers your home appliances once plugged into an outlet.

For customers in Sacramento, rooftop solar is the most common option for solar panel installation. Firstly, the higher it is installed the lesser obstruction there would be. Secondly, the roof is generally structured to support the weight of the solar panels and mounting materials.

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The average rates of solar systems by system size:

System Size

  • 4 kW
  • 5 kW
  • 6 kW
  • 7 kW

Avg Cost per Watt

  • $ 3.11
  •    2.98
  • $ 2.82
  •    2.79

Avg cost (After-tax credit)

  • $ 9,216
  •     11,024
  • $ 12,515
  •    14,469

Types of Residential Solar Energy (Passive and Active)

Passive solar uses sun power directly without any use of technology. For example, a window that is strategically placed that heats the home in the morning.

On the other hand, active solar involves harnessing sun power to produce electricity. Rooftop residential solar is an active solar, for instance.


The Residential Solar Installation Permit Process

The Governor calls for California to use renewable energy more. Therefore, the City of Sacramento expedited building permits for small residential solar systems. As a result, homeowners and contractors are able to apply for a solar installation permit and get approved faster. Although, the expedited process is only for the residential solar system not exceeding 10 kilowatts.

Since January, the Community Development Department has approved 675 permits for residential solar installation. Furthermore, installation is expected to increase in the coming years as the permit process becomes easier.

Expediting the permit process for installation will encourage the effective improvement of the solar industry and make installation easier. Most importantly, we can now save more than half in permitting cost. Before, the solar installation permit cost was $1,000. However, fees have been reduced now to $304. These are the state's action plan for climate change - to encourage the use of clean energy to improve air quality.

To learn more about the steps in getting a solar permit and incentive, visit the City's Guide to Solar Energy Permits. The Community Development Department is making an effort to simplify services. Therefore, make it easier for homeowners and contractors to get permit.

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