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Solar Panels in Sacramento CA

System installation has 3 main types namely, residential, commercial, and, utility scale.

sacramento solar panel installation

  1. Residential solar is commonly installed on the roof of a house but sometimes, in an open ground.
  2. On one hand, commercial solar is installed typically for a certain purpose like utilizing this renewable energy to power businesses.
  3. Lastly, a utility-scale is designed to provide renewable energy to a large area or community.

Solar panels in Sacramento will give you many benefits. One,  electric bills are reduced. Two, constant increase of electricity bill will not affect you. Three, its Return On Investment (ROI) is about 20%. Furthermore, your property value will increase if you’re thinking of selling your house. And on a larger scale, you will improve the environment.

Solar Energy VS Electricity


Clearly, solar energy is more cost-effective compared to standard electricity. This renewable energy is free while electricity rate has been consistently increasing annually. Initially, going solar is costly. However, it has the ability to pay for itself through electricity savings.

Solar power is a renewable energy harnessed from the sun in different ways. For instance, using photovoltaic panels is the most common method among others. Similarly, these photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s heat into usable electricity.

Solar panels in Sacramento or solar modules consist of a glass casing unit, a metal frame, and a layer of cells made of silicon. In addition, it has a wiring that carries the electricity from the silicon. Similarly, silicon has a property that stores and converts the sun’s radiation into electricity. The electrons in the silicon will be energized when the sun’s rays hit the silicon cell. Therefore, electric current will start to flow. This process is called the photovoltaic effect.

Sacramento Solar Panel Installation Process

Before everything else, we first need to have a planning session. This is needed for us to determine what setting best suits your preference, energy goals, and motivation for going solar. We know you have a lot of questions in mind and not yet sure if this is for you. Therefore, the planning session should be conducted before starting this journey. We will make sure you understand everything so that you can make an educated decision. 

After the planning session, we are going to lay out set of proposals for you to choose from. These proposals include your options depending on your energy goals, preferences, and budget. Our proposals focus on efficiency. Therefore, we want to minimize your cost by keeping the number of panels to minimum while getting your power output. Once you have decided, we will proceed right away with permitting and Sacramento solar panel installation.

Roof Assessment

Our experts will do a more extensive evaluation of the site. He will make necessary measurements and take note of the angle of the roof, the design and orientation. Moreover, possible obstructions around the house that would put shade on the panels will be checked as well. Additionally, it is worth noting that the sun’s path changes throughout the year so we have to place panels strategically.

If in case our solar installers would suggest to have you reroofed, DCS Sacramento Solar will be the one to look for a contractor to get your roof done. That said, our team has professional experience with different types of roof and we can deal with every roofing situation.

Having your roof renewed has an advantage you might like to know. Renewing your roof at the same will save you from the trouble of having unaligned maintenance schedules.

The Design

After evaluating your roof, our experts will put up a design that will best promote efficiency, suitability, and aesthetics. In addition, the number of solar panels needed will generally depend on your monthly electricity consumption. An average Sacramento household needs about 18-20 panels to yield about $200 off from their monthly bill.

We will present the design to you, make necessary changes if you require so before proceeding to the next step.

Permitting Process

Once you’ve chosen a design,  we will start right away with the permitting process. This process includes having the design checked and approved by the city and securing necessary permits for the installation. This process might take long, sometimes 2 – 8 weeks, in some cities or states. On the bright side, there’s a streamlined process in permitting the installation of solar panels in Sacramento. Which means, it shouldn’t take us that long to secure your installation permit.

Installation Process

Our technicians will proceed to your house, bring all the equipment, and start our Sacramento solar panel installation. This process usually takes 2-5 days but, we’ll make sure that it’s not gonna cause any inconvenience to you. 

solar panels in sacramento

When everything is installed, the city will have to do a final inspection on the system. This process normally takes 1-4 weeks depending on how prompt your city is. And once it is approved, we can already go ahead and connect your system to the grid. After the connection, a technician from the utility company will be coming over to install a net meter. This will measure how much your panels are producing and consuming. Lastly, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Hit on that switch and start generating power and be your own power company.

For maintenance or repair, contact us and we’ll troubleshoot it through the phone and walk you through the process. If it didn’t work, we’ll send you a technician and have the issue fixed on the next day. 

Take note...

You won’t be able to use your solar system in an event of power outage. To clarify, the system works in a way that the power you generated will go to the utility company. The power you generate will return to you as credits which they will deduct to the energy you consumed.

In case of power outage, they will also cut the supply to your line for safety purposes. For you to be able to use your solar during power outage, you would need a storage battery and go for hybrid installation.


How much will the system cost me per year?

The average price of residential solar systems ranges from $3-$5/watt installed. The exact amount you pay depends on how many kilowatts of power you want generated by your home, what type of roofing material you use, whether you install an inverter at the same time, etc.

What if I don’t like the look of the solar panels when they are finished? Can I change them out later?

Yes! You can always swap out any part of your solar array – including the entire thing. We recommend doing this once every 10 years, though some people may choose to wait longer than that depending on their needs. It takes less than 30 minutes to remove one set of panels and put another set up. Just be sure to keep track of where all the wires go before removing anything.

Can I buy just the solar panels and not the whole system?

Sure! Many homeowners opt to purchase only the solar panels themselves, which means they save money upfront while also reducing the number of contractors needed to complete the project. However, we highly suggest getting everything together at once because there are often additional costs associated with installing multiple components simultaneously. Also note that most solar manufacturers require that you work directly with them to ensure compatibility between products.

Is it true that solar energy doesn't generate electricity during cloudy days?

No. While sunlight isn't required to make electricity using photovoltaic cells, it's important to understand that even under overcast skies, enough light hits the earth to create usable amounts of electricity. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly half of the total annual global electrical generation comes from renewable sources such as wind, hydroelectricity, geothermal, biomass, and solar.

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