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Are you planning to use your pool for the entire cold season? You are in the right place if you want to invest in pool heaters. We provide like solar pool heating panels installation and solar pool heating repairs. Read through and discover how we can help you achieve this project effectively and efficiently.


Sacramento Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar pool heating systems are devices that use the sun’s energy to heat water in your swimming pool.

sacramento solar pool heating

The system consists of an array of panels, which convert sunlight into electricity and then use this power to run pumps or other devices that circulate hot water through pipes buried under the ground around the perimeter of the pool. A typical installation will consist of about 20-30 PV modules connected together with copper tubing for circulation of heated water throughout the pool area.

There may be several different types of solar pools available depending on how much space you have available for the project. Some models can fit directly over existing concrete walls while others require excavation of new trenches.

Most units come equipped with a built-in thermostat so they automatically shut off when it gets too cold outside. They also include some type of control panel where you can monitor the status of each unit from anywhere using any standard web browser. You’ll need to install these yourself but most people find them easy enough to do themselves.

If you’re not comfortable doing this kind of work, we recommend hiring our Sacramento solar pool heating service to install the pool heating equipment. Similarly, we offer solar pool heating repairs service should you need one.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Pool Heaters?

The cost of installing solar pool heating systems depend entirely upon what size of system you choose.

Smaller installations typically range between $5k-$10k while larger ones can easily exceed $20k. This price includes everything except labor costs – including digging up your yard if necessary.

Labor charges vary widely based on location and experience level. We’ve seen quotes ranging as low as $500 per hour all the way up to $1,000+ per hour. For example, our average quote was $800/hour.

Keep in mind that there are many factors involved in determining the final cost such as: number of hours needed, materials required, etc. In addition, you should factor in the potential savings associated with reduced electric bills. Our estimate included both upfront construction costs and ongoing maintenance fees.

Why Should I Use Solar Pool Heaters Instead Of Other Methods?

solar pool heating systemsThere are two main reasons why homeowners consider investing in Sacramento solar pool heating instead of traditional methods like gas fired boilers or electrical resistance elements. First, they provide more consistent temperatures than either method. Second, they don’t produce harmful emissions during operation. Both of these benefits make solar pool heaters ideal for those concerned about their health and safety.

Benefits Of Using Solar Pool Heating Systems

Are There Downsides To Installing A Solar Pool Heater?

Of course! While there’s no downside to having an energy efficient swimming pool heater installed, there is one major drawback…the initial investment. As mentioned above, installation prices will depend largely upon how much room you have available for the system. However, even though the total cost may be higher initially, once you take into account the long term savings you’ll likely end up saving money overall.

Is My Home Suitable For Installation Of Solar Pool Heaters?

Most homes are suitable for installation of solar pool heaters. However, certain features must be considered before proceeding. These include:

Roofs tend to get hot during summer months which could cause damage to the panels. Also, roofs often slope towards the south making it difficult to mount solar pool heating panels facing north.

Power line voltage varies depending on distance from transmission towers. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly where your house sits relative to nearby power lines.

Many pools use water at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If your home has air conditioning running year round, then you might want to wait until warmer weather arrives before installing a solar pool heater.

Solar Pool Heating Panels Installation

The pool panels are installed on the roof of your home. They collect energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity to power your swimming pool heater. The heat is then transferred through a pipe system that runs under the flooring in your house, which heats up water circulating throughout the entire structure. This method provides you with an efficient way to keep your pool warm all year round without having to use any additional fuel or gas for warmth.

solar pool heating panels

From solar pool heating panels to pump. A solar powered pump circulates heated water around your pool. It uses the sun’s rays as its source of energy. A small amount of electrical current powers this device so there is no need for batteries or other types of storage devices. You can also install these pumps at night when the sun isn’t shining. These systems work best if they have access to direct sunlight. If not, you may want to consider installing them during daylight hours. There are many different models available today but most will cost between $1,000-$2,500 depending upon their size and features.

Solar Pool Heating Repairs Service

solar pool heating repairsWe are a company with over 10 years experience in the industry. We have been installing and repairing solar pools for many years now, we can offer you an honest service at very competitive prices. Our aim is to provide our customers with quality workmanship that will last them for many years to come.

Our services include:

If you would like more information on any aspect of this subject please do not hesitate to contact us for solar pool heating repairs. Alternatively, you can visit our blog post about pool heaters to learn more.


What does “net metering” mean?

Most states offer net-metered systems where electricity from PV generation flows directly into the grid. In these cases, homeowners don't use any power generated by their own PV system. Instead, they sell all excess energy back to the utility company. A few states allow non-residential customers to purchase "gross" rather than "net" power; however, most utilities charge more for gross power so we recommend using net metering unless otherwise noted.

Where should I mount my PV modules?

There are two main considerations when mounting PV modules - how high above ground level should they be mounted, and how far apart should they be spaced. Ideally, you want them as close together as possible without having shading issues. You'll note that some companies advertise a maximum spacing number but no mention of height. That's because generally speaking, taller units require fewer modules. However, shorter units tend to generate more kWh/year due to increased efficiency. So look over both numbers provided by the installer and pick one that makes the most financial sense for you.

How long will it take to break even?

The time frame depends entirely upon your state’s net metering laws. Some states only credit you if you exceed your usage. Other states give credits based on total kilowatt hours produced regardless of consumption. For example, California gives credits based on total output. 6) Will installing a solar pool heater increase property value? Yes, absolutely. Many home buyers today prefer homes with green features like rooftop solar installations. And according to recent studies, properties with solar hot water systems see an average 10 percent price premium compared to comparable homes without solar.

Is it worth it to hire someone else to help me set up my system?

Sure, why wouldn’t you? Hiring professionals to assist you during the process ensures everything goes smoothly and helps avoid costly mistakes. Plus, hiring pros means you save money on materials and labor. It’s always better to spend money upfront on quality equipment and services versus paying later on repairs.

Should I wait until the summer months to put my system online?

No, definitely not. You should be putting your system online as soon as possible so you don’t lose any potential tax incentives or rebates. In fact, some states offer higher rebate rates when purchasing new systems during certain seasons.

What about maintenance?

Solar pool heating systems are very easy to maintain. Just make sure you clean them regularly using soap and warm water. Don’t use harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine because these could damage the surface coating. Make sure all connections are tight and corrosion free. Check the electrical connection periodically to ensure proper operation. Finally, check the temperature gauge every few days to verify correct functioning.

Are there other benefits besides saving energy?

Of course! A solar pool heating system produces zero emissions which reduces air pollution. Additionally, it saves natural resources from being used to create electricity. Lastly, it creates jobs – something we can all agree is important.

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