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Solar Installation

Solar installation has 3 main types. These are residential, commercial, and lastly, utility scale. Residential solar is commonly installed on the roof of a house but sometimes, in an open ground. On one hand, commercial solar is installed typically for a certain purpose like providing solar power to businesses. Lastly, a utility-scale is designed to provide solar energy to a large area or community.

Solar installation will give you many benefits. Firstly,  electricity bill is reduced. Secondly, constant increase of electricity bill will not affect you. Thirdly, you made an investment with an ROI of about 20%. Furthermore, your property value will increase if you're thinking of selling your solar house. And on a larger scale, you will improve the environment.

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Solar Installation Price

Every solar installation company knows you're thinking about solar installation costs and if it's worth it. However, what you should be concerned about is how much money you're paying and will be paying in the coming years if you won't go solar today. Although, it may be true in the past that solar installation cost is high. However, it has dramatically decreased by 60 percent in the last 10 years and in the coming years. Furthermore, electricity bills are rising annually and solar power is really the best solution there is.

The cost for solar installation depends on the size of the system or the number of solar panels installed in your system. Moreover, the number of solar panels also depend on your electricity consumption. That being said, an average house in Sacramento needs about 18-20 solar panels. Subsequently, this setting would cut $200 off from their monthly electricity bills. Contact us for your free solar installation quote.

Solar Energy VS Electricity

Clearly, solar energy is more cost-effective compared to standard electricity. Solar energy is free while electricity rate has been consistently increasing annually. Initially, going solar is costly. However, it has the ability to pay for itself through electricity savings.

Solar power is a renewable energy harnessed from the sun in different ways. For instance, using photovoltaic panels is the most common method among others. Similarly, these photovoltaic solar panels convert the sun's heat into usable electricity.

Solar panels or solar modules consist of a glass casing unit, a metal frame, and a layer of cells made of silicon. In addition, it has a wiring that carries the electricity from the silicon. Similarly, silicon has a property that stores and converts the sun's radiation into electricity. The electrons in the silicon will be energized when the sun's rays hit the silicon cell. Therefore, electric current will start to flow. This process is called the photovoltaic effect.

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