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Sacramento Solar Maintenance and Repair

Solar Maintenance

Solar maintenance is important for your solar panels to prolong or even increase their efficacy and benefits. That being said, the type of maintenance required depends on how your solar panel installation. Generally, only little maintenance is required with a solar electric system aside from washing the panels a few times a year to keep their optimum performance. Though you can try to see what's wrong with your system, we highly recommend having it checked by our team to make sure it is done the right way.

Our Solar Maintenance include:

  • checking of the main interconnection breaker
  • cleaning of inverter
  • checking the connection between main service-inverter-panel
  • replacing wire nuts, if necessary
  • checking of monitoring equipment
  • reporting on system performance and findings
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Solar Maintenance Pros

It's cliche but prevention is indeed better than cure. That being said, you should not have to wait to experience any trouble with your system before you do something. Dust and debris are some of the factors that can affect your solar energy generation. Certainly, cleaning each panel is one of the best things you can do to minimize solar maintenance cost. We will check your system regularly, upon your request, to help make sure that the solar power it generates remains efficient for a longer period of time. We are one of the best solar maintenance companies in Sacramento and we have the expertise to maintain your system and assess the current status of your solar energy. 

How to clean your panels?

Cleaning your panels is one of the solar maintenance services which our company offers. However, should you want to do it yourself to minimize costs, here's how:

  • If your panels are covered with leaves, use a leaf blower to remove them.
  • Use water and a hose to wash dust and dirt away.
  • If water is not enough, you can use a soft sponge with water and soap to remove the dirt. Just make sure to rinse the soap off.

Solar Repair

A solar repair can be very dangerous especially to you and your family. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional or technician before doing any checking, troubleshooting, or fixing. Commonly, issues with the solar system are related to electrical output that is why our company, DCS Sacramento Solar, offers to install monitoring equipment to track the solar electricity production of your system. 

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Damaged Solar Panels

Improper handling or installation, extreme weather, or anything that causes stress on the system are reasons why panels get damaged. Though they can still produce voltage, damaged panels can't generate as much solar power. Moreover, continuous exposure to the elements causes additional damage to the cells which makes the panels stop working, eventually. To determine the extent of damage and if it can be repaired, it is best to consult a technician or professional. Your panels may still be under a warranty and a solar expert can tell you if the damaged system or part is covered. Above all, our company will help maintain and repair your system and help you make informed decisions in the process. Contact us for a solar maintenance service.

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