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Solar Planning and Evaluation in Sacramento

Solar Planning Session

We will be undergoing a process to make your home energy self-sufficient. From solar planning, site visit, evaluation and proposal to permitting, solar panel installation, and maintenance. But don't worry, we're gonna break everything down for you so you can make an informed decision. 

As part of the planning process, our solar consultant will be conducting a site survey. Moreover, he will gather important information to best assess what's best for you. This will be the right time to ask our consultant everything you want to know regarding the whole process. In addition, our consultant would want to know your motivation on going solar, average electrical usage, and energy goals. Above all, this will help us formulate the right proposal and design for you and your home. Our solar installation company cares for you and we want you to make the best decision possible.

solar planning session

Solar Planning - Site Evaluation

Mostly, residential panel systems are built on the roof. Now, there are some factors that we need to consider before mounting your panel on your roof to maximize efficiency. First, we have to consider the orientation and angle of your roof with respect to the sun. Second, the sun's path is changing throughout the year. That being said, we have to strategically position your solar panels so it will be efficient all-year-round. Third, we have to make sure that your panels get unobstructed sunlight throughout the day. Some neighboring trees or establishment might be shading your panels, for instance. 

Another important thing to include during the site evaluation is the type of roofing and the pitch of the roof. Moreover, different types of roofing materials will impose different installation methods. However, our team of experts know exactly how to deal with every possible roofing situation.

solar planning proposals


After the planning, site visit, and evaluation, we are then going to present you with proposals. These proposals will be your options in choosing the best setting depending on your preference, energy goals, and budget. Remember, efficiency is the key. We want to lessen the cost by installing the least number of solar panels to generate your target output.

Permission and Installation

neighborhood with solar houses

Now that you have decided on your solar panel system, you can now relax and wait. Our team will handle everything from securing necessary permits, installing, and interconnection of your system.

Fortunately. the City of Sacramento has made efforts to expedite the permitting process for solar installation. So, it should not take that long to get the approval if all goes well. Once all the papers are secured, then installing your solar panel system would only take 2-5 working days. Most importantly, we will be efficient in process so you can start generating your free electricity and saving money.

When everything is set and done, what's left to do is to monitor your system which will be done by us. We will monitor your system and act according if maintenance or repair is needed.  

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