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The Planning Session

We will be undergoing a process to make your home energy efficient with solar electricity systems. Starting from planning, site visit, evaluation and proposal to permitting, panels installation, and maintenance. But don’t worry, we’re gonna break everything down for you so you can be properly guided and able make an informed decisions.

solar services in sacramento

Our solar services in Sacramento starts with a planning session. As part of the planning session, the assigned consultant will conduct a site survey and gather important information to assess what’s best for you. This will be the right time to ask our consultant everything you want to know regarding the whole process. In addition, our consultant would want to know your motivation on going solar, average electrical usage, and energy goals. Above all, this will help us formulate the right proposal and design for you and your home.

We, DCS Sacramento Solar, are one of those solar companies that cares for you and we want you to make the best decision possible.

Site Evaluation


Mostly, solar electricity systems are built on the roof. Now, there are some factors that we need to consider before mounting your panel on your roof to maximize efficiency. 

solar electricity systems

  1. We have to consider the orientation and angle of your roof with respect to the sun.
  2. The sun’s path is changing throughout the year. That said, we have to strategically position your panels so it will be efficient all-year-round.
  3. We have to make sure that your panels get unobstructed sunlight throughout the day. Some neighboring trees or establishment might be shading your panels, for instance. 

The planning and evaluation are the most crucial parts of the process since these dictate the success or failure of the project. That said, we are proud to say that the huge success of our solar services in Sacramento is due to the effective planning and evaluation of our team.

Another important thing to include during the site evaluation is the type of roofing and the pitch of the roof. Additionally, different types of roofing materials will impose different installation methods. Fortunately, our team of experts know exactly how to deal with every possible roofing situation.

Solar Electricity Systems Proposal


Next to our solar services in Sacramento is the presenting of proposals.

After the planning, site visit, and evaluation, we are then going to present you with proposals. These proposals will be your options in choosing the best setting depending on your preference, energy goals, and budget. Remember, efficiency is the key. We want to lessen the cost by installing the least number of panels to generate your target output.

Permission and Installation

Now that you have decided on your solar electricity systems, you can now relax and wait. Our team will handle everything from securing necessary permits, installing, and interconnection of your system.

Fortunately. the City of Sacramento has made efforts to expedite the permitting process for installation. So, it should not take that long to get the approval if all goes well. Once all the papers are secured, then installing the system would only take 2-5 working days. Most importantly, we will be efficient in this process so you can start generating your free electricity and saving money.

When everything is set and done, what’s left to do is to monitor your solar electricity systems which will be done by us. We will monitor your system and act accordingly if maintenance or repair services are needed.

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How do I get started with solar?

If you're ready to start saving money by installing solar panels at your home or office, we have everything you need right here:

A free consultation from one of our experienced technicians who will walk you through all aspects of how solar works and what it means for you. We'll also help you decide which type of solar energy panel best fits your needs.

An estimate that includes installation costs, financing options and any rebates available in your region.

The latest information on federal tax credits and incentives so you don't miss out on valuable savings.

What are some benefits of having solar installed?

With an average cost of $15-$20 per watt, solar power systems provide many financial advantages over traditional sources of electricity such as coal-fired plants and nuclear reactors. Here's just a few ways they benefit you:

You reduce your carbon footprint – Solar produces no greenhouse gases while fossil fuels produce them when burned. This helps keep global warming under control.

Your electric bill goes down - You won't pay more than 10% of your total monthly electrical usage if you use only renewable resources. If you're using less than 1kW, you may not even see this reduction.

You avoid paying taxes - The government collects income taxes based on your annual earnings. With solar, you never owe these taxes because you generate your own clean energy.

You support local businesses - When you buy products made locally, you give back to your community. By supporting small businesses, you create jobs and strengthen communities.

You earn extra cash - Many homeowners sell excess solar energy directly into their homes' utilities. In addition, most states offer net metering programs that allow customers to receive credit for selling surplus energy back to the grid.

Can my roof be used for solar?

Yes! Most roofs already have enough space to accommodate solar panels without adding additional weight. However, if yours doesn't, we recommend contacting us first before proceeding. Our team has experience working with various types of rooftops including flat, sloped, pitched, tile, metal, wood, etc.

Is solar safe?

Absolutely! There are no harmful chemicals involved in making solar cells, nor does it emit radiation. It's completely non-toxic and poses absolutely no threat to humans or animals.

Will my neighbors complain?

Most people love the idea of being able to cut off their dependence on dirty fossil fuel companies. They appreciate knowing that their source of energy isn't contributing to climate change. And since solar panels aren't visible, they often think nothing of them. But if you want to make sure everyone understands why you've decided to invest in solar, consider hosting a neighborhood meeting. Your friends and family might surprise you with their enthusiasm for green technology and solar energy solutions.

Do I need permits?

In most cases, yes. Depending on what type of installation you choose, you'll likely require building permits. We will help guide you through the process.

How long do solar installations take?

It all depends on how big your project is. A typical residential rooftop installation takes between 3-6 weeks depending on weather conditions. Ground mounted projects typically take 2 months.

Are there maintenance requirements?

No. Once installed, solar panels work continuously 24/7 without requiring any special attention.

Doesn't sunlight hurt the environment?

Not at all. Sunlight contains lots of invisible wavelengths which are essential for life on Earth. Plants actually thrive best during periods of intense sunshine. So by harnessing its rays, we're helping to sustain healthy ecosystems around the world.

I'm concerned about birds flying into the panel. What happens then?

Birds rarely collide with solar panels unless they're trying to land on them. Even then, they usually fly away after taking a short flight. Birds also tend to avoid areas near buildings due to safety concerns.

If I move, will my solar still work?

Yes. As long as your new location receives direct sun throughout the year, your solar system will continue producing energy.

My house was built in the 1970s. Will it hold up well?

We guarantee our solar equipment for 25 years. That means you get peace of mind knowing that your system will perform reliably for decades to come. If anything goes wrong within those 25 years, just give us a call and we'll replace everything free of charge.

What size solar array would be appropriate for me?

That really depends on several factors: The amount of power you use each month; whether you plan to sell excess energy back to the grid; and how many days per year you expect cloudy skies. For more information, please visit our sizing calculator.

If anything goes wrong within those 25 years, just give us a call and we'll replace everything free of charge.

Can I put solar panels on top of existing structures such as sheds, barns, garages, water tanks, etc.?

Yes, this is possible. In fact, we offer a variety of mounting solutions designed specifically for different applications. Our experts can walk you through the options available so you can find one that works best for your particular setup.

Do I have to remove trees from my roof before installing solar panels?

No, although if you want to maximize the number of square feet covered by your solar array, removing trees could make sense. However, if you don’t intend to harvest any extra energy beyond what's already being produced by your current electrical service provider, leaving trees intact makes good financial sense too.

Is it safe to leave solar panels exposed to rainwater?

Absolutely! Rainfall helps keep your panels clean and shiny, making sure they produce maximum amounts of energy over time. If you prefer, however, you can always cover your panels when it rains.

Do I have to pay extra fees to connect my solar panels to the grid?

No. There are no connection charges associated with connecting your solar panels to the grid. However, utilities sometimes impose surcharges on customers who exceed certain limits. For example, many states require homeowners to buy excess capacity credits before allowing them to sell back unused energy to the grid. ECCs allow utilities to recover costs incurred due to increased peak load requirements. We'll let you know how much these charges apply to your particular situation once you submit your request.

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