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Sacramento Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Storage Battery Systems

Without solar storage batteries, your residential solar will still lose electricity during a power outage. Many customers have misconceptions and we should discuss it during the planning session. They thought that during a power outage their solar panel system can still power their house. However, that is not always the case. The reason is that the owner of the solar system doesn't actually utilize the power directly from their solar panels. The electricity generated is fed back to the grid, in other words, the grid is still powering your home. The power company is actually buying the electricity you generated in the form of credit. 

The voltages of your solar panels fluctuate throughout that day and even, quickly, when a cloud shades your panels. As a result, the sudden drop or surge of voltage can damage your appliances easily. When a power outage occurs, the flow of power from your solar panel is also cut off to protect the electricians addressing the issue.

The solar battery has quickly become the most famous energy storage choice for on-grid solar. There are different types of solar batteries sold in the market such as flow batteries and salt-water batteries. But, the most common solar storage battery systems are either lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid. Lithium-ion battery systems have a smaller energy storage capacity compared to other storage systems. However, they are a more popular choice because they can be installed anywhere, inexpensive, and have a small footprint.

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Solar Storage Batteries Price

We, DCS Sacramento Solar, want to educate the people without bias. Relatively, solar batteries are still expensive. Though, their capacity and price has been improving at a fast pace and it's something to look forward to.  In the Sacramento area, power outages seldom happen and when they do, they don't usually last long. That being said, generators might be a preferable option to go to when you need a continuous flow of electricity. The best use of solar batteries is for people who live off-grid in a rural area. So, they can store energy and have power to use during the night. Notwithstanding, solar battery would be a really great upgrade to your home if it's in your budget. Furthermore, you can protect yourself from constant rise of electricity bills and save more money in the long run. Contact us for free quote.

On-Grid Solar

This is the most common solar panel installation set-up. With this setting, your solar panels direct the electricity generated back to the grid. Moreover, a meter measures this and it will be reflected as credit to your bill. If you produce more than you consume, you're not gonna pay the electric company for the said month. Some electric companies pay the consumer for their excess power generated. However, most electric companies nowadays just give you solar credit which will be carried over to the next month. One disadvantage of this system is that when there's a power outage, you will also lose electricity. In simple words, you are only generating electricity to the grid and getting it back as a credit.

Off-Grid Solar

This solar power system is typically used in areas where electric companies don't provide service. This system requires a lot of solar storage batteries to store the energy generated to be used during nighttime.

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Hybrid Solar

This system is simply a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Since the cost of solar batteries has started to go down, many households are going for hybrid set-up. In this configuration, power banks or power cells initially store the electricity generated. When the batteries are full, the generated power will be redirected to the grid. During the night, cloudy skies, or a power outage, you will utilize the electricity stored in your power banks. Ultimately, you will get electricity from the grid when the energy stored is depleted. 

With this set-up, you need to have solar batteries and charge controllers aside from solar panels and inverters. This might be the most costly but it's gonna be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, regular check-up and maintenance is important to keep every aspect of the system in its optimal state.

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